The most trusted and useful travel cases for today’s touring musicians.

To achieve this target, all our composite shells are reinforced only with Carbon fiber and selected core material, to optimize the strength and the weight.

We are using the Vaccum Infusion Process,  like Aerospace and Automotive manufacturers, to obtain unsurpassed strength to weight ratios.

All components are heavy duty and selected for their ability to last in time. Therefore our hardware is stainless steel and our rubber sealing system designed to avoid the dust, the heat and the moisture to enter the case. Our tests are based on Automotive Standards

The interior has been developed and improved with the finest Luthiers. We have designed with them the best way to maintain properly your instrument without generating any pressure on the sensitive parts.

Guitar Case resistance


What can possibly happen

As we never know what will happen to your case when traveling, we have designed our product with the maximum safety coefficient.

You can see a lot of pictures with people standing on their case. The compression test shows that most of the guitar flight cases are protecting in the same way until 300Lbs (140kg), We believe that it is not enough to face the unpredictable.

In real life, your case could be stored under 10 luggages, putting more then 600Lbs (280kg)  on the shell. In this situation, our Artist Model Carbon fiber Flight case will have only 3/16 inch of deformation (5.5mm) with no residual effect after removing the Load.



The final adjustment

A strong shell and a fine interior deserve an adjusted assembly. 

Our cases are closed with dedicated Stainless Steel butterfly latches and Hinges with stay. Those components have been tested to resist external conditions under Automotive corrosion tests (2 000 hours Salt Spray testing).

We are also proceeding internally with a snatching test to ensure that our Stainless Steel riveting system will resist the daily constraint on our leather handle and Shoulder strap system.

We have designed our own Rubber Sealing system to protect the inside from heat, dust and moisture. Your instrument will be safe in a stable environment for several hours.  



The shell of the case is the Shield for your instrument

A composite material is made from several constituent materials with different physical and chemical properties. We have designed a specific combination of Carbon Fiber, bonded honeycomb structured core material and premium resin to reach the best compromise between static compression and dynamic drop test.

Karura Cases have been rigorously tested and laboratory certified to withstand over 1000 kg (2200 lbs, over one ton!) of compression without structural failure or permanent deformation. Very low deflection even under these extreme loads prevents your guitars from being crushed when packed under heavy loads.

Karura has completed extensive controlled drop testing on its case designs so that the Karura case shell and suspension system protect the instrument from extreme mishandling. During each drop test, a single case (and instrument) is dropped from 16 different orientations from a height of two meters (6.5 Feet) onto a concrete floor. The conclusion of these tests: there was no damage to any of the instruments.



Floating like a feather

With the insurance that dangers from outside are addressed, we have created a special fitting inside our product. We have calculated the standard shape for each type of instrument. Nevertheless, our aim is to fit your instrument, therefore we are using specific tracing from our database or use directly your own tracing.

Our cases are fully covered by selected density Foam covered by soft premium velvet to marry the shape of your instrument.

During our 20 years of experience with the best Worldwide Luthiers, we have designed an arrangement of pads that limit the contact of the foam with the instruments. The idea is to make it floats in the case with minimum pressure on the sensitive area, like the soundboard. We have also integrated some outside rubber feet, acting like bumpers, to avoid transmitting any shock wave inside the case, in the critical areas.