Q. Do the carbon fiber models offer more value than the Basalt Fiber cases ?

Yes, please review the deflection characteristics of both cases models. Although both models are the strongest cases on the market, you will see that the deflection vs. load for the Carbon Fiber Flight Case is lower than deflection at the same load for the Basalt Fiber Composite Flight Case.

Case deflection is a very important characteristic for protecting your valuable instrument. Lower case deflection reduces the likelihood that the case shell will move inward under load to contact and damage your guitar.

Q. What happens after I complete my inline order ?

Whithin 2 working days of receiving your order, we will send you a detailed quote via email confirming your order details and specifying payment options.

If any additional information is required to complete your custom case, you will be notified in this email.

Q. Can I change my contact details ?

Once you have set up an account with us, you can log into "My account" anytime you like to change your delivery details, email and pasword.

Q. How do I determine if my guitar will fit one of the standard designs ?

Mesure your guitar using the instructions provided in the PDF file on the website. Compare your guitar dimensions with the maximum dimensions provided for the standard case model.

If your guitar's dimensions fall within theses tolerances, you may purchase the corresponding standard case.

If any of the dimension exceed the tolerances specified, Karura recommends that you submit the measurement form for further evaluation by your dealer or Karura.

Q. Should I purchase a standard custom or custom case configuration ?

If your guitar is a non-standard shape, Karura recommends that you purchase an custom case for the optimum fit and protection of your guitar. In order to expedite delivery to you, we are building a configuration data base that allows you to purchase a case designed to fit specific guitar designs which we have previously built cases for.

I your configuation matches one of our previously manufactured case configuration, you will get the same fit as if you purchased a custom case.

Q. Is it possible to check my guitar in the Karura Case as luggage for airline travel ?

If one has a choice, it is always better to carry an extremely valuable guitar onboard the airplane. If a guitar must be checked, Karura cases offer more protection than fiberglass flight cases or most other carbon fiber reinforced flight cases.

The Karura Case was designed to withstand extemely abusive handling. Karura Cases have been tested to withstand over 2000lb, crush resistance without failure. At lower stresses, the case offers superior deflection characteristics which prevent the case from stressing the guitar. The case has been successfully drop tested 16 times at various orientations from a height of 2 meters. Other case features provide protection from moisture, heat and mistreatment.

Karura recommends that you utilize a case bag when checking your case as luggage to minimize scratching of the case finish.

Q. How long does it take to complete my custom flight case ?

Lead time varies with shop load. Expect custom orders to require 60-90 days build time. If you require a case very quickly, Karura offers an expedite service that guarantees shipment within 3 weeks.

This expedite service is an extra charge.